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Why Choose Pure Lawn for Soil Testing?

The real question is, why would you not? Lawn maintenance isn’t for the faint of heart, and without proper knowledge, your healthy lawn can easily wither. Many things can go wrong with soil, and unfortunately, many lack the proper tools to find out what. 

At Pure Lawn, we have the tools however, and with 40+ years of experience under our belts, we can easily diagnose your lawn problems and provide top-of-the-line care to get your yard to peak performance. As a St. Louis-based company, we specialize in lawns in our region, which means we can tell what soil tests are saying better than any lawn care service franchise.

Not only can you get soil testing, but you can also get customized lawn care. Sign up for a soil test and find exactly which services matched what you need. After your soil test, you then can choose one of our affordable lawn care packages. As a company of lawn health specialists, our lawn care packages are specially tailored to your needs. So why not get your test today?

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A leaf of a plant that is not thriving

How Do I Know I Need Soil Testing?

If your lawn or plants in your landscape are not growing to their full potential, you may need to test the soil’s nutrient contents. All plants need minerals and nutrients to survive, as well as water and sunlight and a conducive environment. 

Plants lacking essential nutrients can suffer a wide variety of afflictions, from growing to about half their size or having unhealthy yellowed leaves. Uneven growth or abnormal grass growth is also common depending on the nutrient you’re lacking.

Lack of nutrients can almost be an invisible problem at first and only becomes visible when it’s too late. If you have fertilized, watered, checked for insects and diseases, but your plants still look unhealthy, you need to check your soil fast! Only with proper testing can you know exactly what nutrients your plants are missing and place them back in your lawn!

Full Communication Every Step of the Way!

Along with our soil test we provide advice free of charge! 

You see, we believe that if we start the process of lawn renewal, we’ll finish it by teaching you how to keep your lawn at its best. After you have the answers you need in our soil tests, we make sure to leave specialized instructions on how to take care of the lawn. 

We will add the right amendments for you, typically lime and fertilizers, to increase the nutrients. We will then tell you how to water the lawn, how to mow in the most efficient fashion and anything else we notice that is detrimental to the well being of your lawn. 

We specifically look out for any potential problems during this earlier process, unlike larger, national companies who will turn a blind eye and then charge you to fix it later. This best ensures peace of mind and customer satisfaction which is far better than making a dishonest dollar.

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Soil Amendment Solutions

There are a few ways to fix your soil’s struggling health.

Typically in St. Louis, plants can suffer from high acidity levels and require lime to raise the pH. If you need to raise the acidity and lower the pH, you will need to add in sulfur. If your test shows a lack of nitrogen, special fertilizers can be used to balance things out. 

Rock minerals can be added to up the phosphorus levels as well, which greatly helps the health of roots. However, the amount may change depending on the specific levels to be adjusted and the types of plants you own. 

The biology behind soil amendments is complicated, which is where Pure Lawn comes in. We can run the numbers much quicker and with less error than your average amateur gardener, and send any of our specialists to fix it for you!

What Successful Soil Testing Can Do For You

The better question is, what can it not do? Soil testing ensures the beauty and longevity of your lawn by giving it everything it needs to survive. 

Success is holding on to the health and beauty of your lawn as long as you possibly can. We know St. Louis’ climate. It is inhospitable for both warm-season and cool-season grass, and with the unpredictability of the weather (not to mention those random spring torrents), who knows what kind of problems could befall your lawn? 

When you have experts on your side, you will be able to enjoy a healthy green lawn for years to come. Missouri is a harsh place for plants, but knowing your soil and knowing how to counteract any faults can pay off in the long run, especially when you don’t have to loosen your pocketbook to do so.

A green lawn overhead with a bench
Soil in test tubes with a scientist in the background

A Trusted Soil Testing Partner

When it comes to soil testing we use only the top-of-the-line systems, which is why we send out test samples to the University of Missouri Extension. 

The University of Missouri Extension is known for focusing on its people and the greater challenges many Missourians may face in the realms of agriculture and science. With focuses like On-Farm Safety, Food Safety, Disaster Relief, and featured programs like “Annie’s Project” they’ve been in the game of taking care of the great state of Missouri for a long time. 

As a well-respected university, they strive for scientific accuracy and precision. This means when we send our soil samples to them, they will be able to read us exactly what the problem is and to ensure credibility, your result will be 100% untampered. 

As a top-rated institution, you know you’re getting the best of the best!

No Upselling

Now we understand being hesitant about getting a soil test. There are too many scammers after all! Many big-name corporations will try to get you to overpay for your results or pressure you into making decisions that benefit them more than you. 

If your results come back clean, we will NOT push you for any solution you do not need. At Pure lawn, we believe if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. After all, we would rather dedicate our time to fix real problems and help our St. Louis neighbors in need. Pure Lawn is a local business, and being a local we’re more in touch with the communities we serve. We often see the fruits of our labor in the homes of our neighbors and friends, giving us an extra reason to be honest with our clients!

Soil in a backyard

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A meter showing a pH test for soil

Soil Testing Identifies Poor Lawn Ph Levels

One of the most critical tests is testing the pH levels of the soil. PH needs to be at a happy middle for your lawn to look healthiest. 

Soil with a pH level below seven is acidic, and anything above seven indicates its toxic levels of alkaline. Alkaline soil specifically forms when carbonate-rich rocks and calcium break down over time, but hard water with high mineral content can cause that as well. Acidic soil is caused by rainwater leaching away basic ions like calcium and magnesium or from carbon dioxide of decomposing materials leaking into the soil. 

A soil test can tell if your pH levels are leaning too far toward either side and how to best fix it. After all, most grasses, like all plants, prefer a pH level specifically toward 6.5-7 on the pH scale. Meeting these levels will best ensure the appearance and health of your lawn.

Soil Testing Finds When Essential Nutrients are Lacking

One of the most important things people don’t realize is that plants need essential nutrients in the form of minerals broken down the soil. In fact, they need nutrients like people or animals need nutrients. 

These minerals help them do many things like growing, reproducing and germinating. Plants need large amounts of some nutrients but smaller or trace amounts of others just to keep them running well, allowing them to fight off diseases and resist pest damage. 

This is why it’s so important to make sure not only that the soil has the nutrients, but the right amount as well. As previously stated, inadequate amounts will cause stunted growth and discoloration as well as a weak internal system, so checking the nutrients of the soil is crucial before starting your lawn care.

A scientist extracting soil from a test tube
A nice backyard with trees

Soil Testing Saves Money and time!

Soil testing, above all, saves money and time! 

Imagine this. You sow in a beautiful new lawn but notice the grass is growing stunted and yellowed. You buy costly fertilizers and throw hundreds of your hard-earned dollars down the drain trying to fix a problem you can’t figure out. Or even worse is you buy the wrong kind of grass variety in the first place and then try the fertilizers, sinking more and more money down a never-ending pit. 

The simple test and service package provides an ounce in prevention that is better than a pound of cure. 

So would you rather take the risk or take the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of your project? With the watchful eyes of Pure Lawn potentially uncovering hidden issues, you can’t go wrong.

Love Your Lawn Again!