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Why Choose Pure Lawn Mole Control? 

At Pure Lawn, we’re proud of where we come from. St. Louis is our home and we have over 40 years of experience caring for St. Louis lawns for St. Louis families. 

Mole control is just one of the many services we provide. Our mole control plans are totally customized, so you always know that the service you’ll be getting is made especially for your needs. When it comes to mole control, we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Your lawn care is your lawn care.

We are not a big national conglomerate. We know how annoying it is to pay a lawn care service just to hate the results; we’re here to clean up the mess that previous lawn care services may have left for you. 

We don’t use any of those dangerous, harsh chemicals like other technicians might. Instead, we prioritize safe methods of mole control that get the job done without using poisons. 

We offer customizable strategies for mole control, so we’ll work together with you to make sure you’re getting your needs met on a timetable and a budget that suits you.

Mole hills on a green lawn showing the damage that requires mole control services
Mole hills marring a field

How Do I Know I Need Mole Control?

Don’t assume that just because you haven’t seen any moles in the flesh, you don’t need mole control. These pesky underground-dwellers could very well be scurrying around in your yard for weeks or months without you having noticed. Moles are very sneaky critters. They love to make tunnels (which is why you might not see them above ground, necessarily). Their tunnels can wreak havoc on your lawn, garden, and plants. 

Signs you might have a mole problem include: 

  • Raised ridges that crisscross across your yard.
  • Areas of discolored or dead grass.
  • Raised mounds of dirt (molehills) that mark the entrance/exit of tunnels, usually less than 6″ tall and shaped like a football or volcano.
  • Areas of loose or squishy soil on your lawn.

We recommend frequent inspection of your lawn, keeping an eye out for the above tell-tale signs. If you notice any of these, you probably have a mole problem. Call us right away and we’ll take care of the moles for you. 

Expect Complete Communication

We value our customers, and we know that good communication is key to having a great working relationship. 

Our mole control experts are a friendly and reliable bunch, committed to responding to your questions and concerns in a timely manner. We value transparency, so we will always let you know what’s going on with your lawn and your mole problem. We’ll keep you looped into the process every step of the way. 

We will tell you when we trap the moles, and you won’t have to deal with the animal at all. 

Unlike those big, impersonal lawn care companies with their one-size-fits-all solutions and spotty communication, we’ll never treat you like just another check to cash. Our clients are our neighbors, and we’ll treat you that way. It’s time to get a lawn you love from a lawn care company you can trust and rely on. 

A closeup of a molehill among grass

Love Your Lawn Again!

A mole peeking out of a molehill

Do Not Try DIY Mole Control

Some people try to take the problem into their own hands by buying or renting traps, but often to no avail. 

Catching a mole with one trap is like trying to win a slot machine jackpot; you have to get very, very lucky. You’ll need the right tools, and a lot of them. Trying to improvise DIY solutions to a mole infestation is bound to be frustrating, and might prove to be a waste of your time and energy. You’ve got better things to do! 

Moles are sneaky, tunneling mammals, so you have to know exactly where to place the trap in order to catch them. You’ll need multiple, professional-grade traps to resolve the problem, and you’ll get the best result with placement by an expert. Better to let the experts at Pure Lawn take care of the dirty work and trap the moles for you.

Avoid National Companies

National companies let you down? End the frustration now by calling Pure Lawn.

We see our clients as our partners. We’re here to work through the problem together. Pure Lawn clients get more than mole control technicians and traps. They get an expert in St. Louis’ specific grasses, soils, lawn diseases, pests, and more. We aim to educate our clients first and foremost in how they can keep their lawn healthy for the longest amount of time. From watering schedules to fertilizer applications, we believe in a holistic approach to lawn care that pairs our know-how with your work ethic.

We look out for St. Louis homeowners because we, too, are St. Louis homeowners. Our experts can tell if mole runs are new or old. If it turns out that yours are old, then you don’t need a trapping service and we won’t charge you. We don’t try to upsell just to make money. 

An overhead photo of a molehill
A mole coming out of a molehill

Moles Damage Your Lawn 

Have you found mole paths poking out of your lawn? It comes with the territory. 

Moles feed mostly on earthworms, which are a natural part of a healthy lawn ecosystem. Unfortunately, these rodents can cause a lot of damage while they’re dining in your yard. Moles dig underground tunnels leaving destruction in their wake. They push soil up to the surface and their tunnels create unsightly holes and weak spots in lawns. 

Moles dig two types of tunnels: surface tunnels and deep runways. They dig deep (up to 2 feet or so into the soil), resulting in raised ridges on the surface of the soil and leaving ugly mounds of dirt behind. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasant, but the moles’ burrowing also threatens the integrity of your soil and can cause a lot of damage to grasses, plants and garden beds.

Moles Endanger Property

Moles can cause some serious property damage. Not only do they burrow to dog tunnels below the soil — indirectly destroying garden beds, plants and lawns through their burrowing — but they also can burrow underneath surfaces like sidewalks, patios, mailboxes, or the stairs. When they burrow underneath these structures, their digging can cause them to to collapse. 

It’s important to stay vigilant to detect any potential signs of a mole problem, whether on your lawn or on your back deck, garden path, front sidewalk, or elsewhere. 

A mole emerging from a molehill in a backyard
A small molehill among grass blades

Moles Disrupt Your Lawn’s Ecosystem

Moles can endanger your lawn’s ecosystem, disrupting the balance of life which affects flora, fauna, and beneficial insects. Their burrowing disturbs the soil, which in turn disturbs your plants. Their mole hills and mole runs are undesirable for your lawn. By disrupting the ecosystem, moles hurt the surrounding environment and throw off the balance that your lawn needs to remain healthy.

Moles feed off insects and worms found in moist soil, including beneficial earthworms and other insects. They’ll eat on whatever they can get their hands on, including slugs, grubs, snails, and spiders. 

Earthworms are actually good for your lawn, since they consume decayed plant matter, which comes out as waste that makes a good fertilizer for your lawn. 

Love Your Lawn Again!

What are Moles?

Moles are small, ground-dwelling mammals adapted to subterranean lifestyle.  They are members of the Eulipotyphla family, along with hedgehogs, shrews, moonrats, and desmans. 

They spend their lives burrowing tunnels underground and mostly eat earthworms and other soil critters. 

They can be identified by their cylindrical body, tiny eyes buried in their fur, a short tail, a pig-like snout, and short, stocky limbs. 

While known for being cute and furry animals, there’s a reason the game Whack-A-Mole was invented. While they eat some unwanted insects, they also eat  beneficial earthworms that your soil needs. Moles are a huge pain for gardeners, and are considered pests due to their destructive mole hills and moles runs that tear up lawns and gardens. 

A mole coming out of a molehill
A nice house with a healthy landscape

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It’s time to end the mole menace for good. If you suspect you might have a mole problem, don’t wait any longer. Putting it off will just give the moles more time to destroy your lawn. Allow our experts to do the dirty work and take care of your mole problem so you can get your lawn back in order. 

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