About Pure Lawn

Delighting Homeowners Throughout the St. Louis Area

Lawn Care with a Personal Touch

Pure Lawn was born out of frustration. 

Scott Ferguson, president of Pure Lawn, fell in love with the lawn care industry over 40 years ago as an employee of a local lawn care company. He trained with the best in the business and watched the industry evolve up close. 

As plant health science and technology progressed by leaps and bounds, Scott saw regression as well. Bigger companies emerged to gobble up local providers. The bottom line became more important than giving clients great service. Lawn care in St. Louis became a battle of who had the best marketing, not the best results.

Healthy lawn vs. unhealthy lawn
Chairs overlooking a healthy backyard

A Partnership for Better Lawn Care in St. Louis

So Scott struck out on his own, first with a full-service lawn care and landscaping company, then with My Lawn Consultant, focused purely on lawn care. By reducing his services to the core of what makes a lawn grow, he was able to concentrate on the problems that only his expertise can solve. 

Eventually, Scott found a partner in Second Mile Service, a local home services firm as dedicated to customer service as himself. Together, as Pure Lawn, the team works to delight homeowners throughout the St. Louis area.

Love Your Lawn Again!