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  • Lawn Care Plan
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  • Lawn Aeration
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  • Overseeding
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“truly the experts!”

“Scott knows just about everything you can imagine when it comes to lawn care. He and Pure Lawn are extremely dedicated and hardworking. Can’t recommend them enough!”

-Benny J.

The Pure Lawn Plan

Included Treatments:

  • Fertilizer
  • Grub control
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • 10% off aeration and overseeding
  • 6 applications
Optional Treatments:

Aeration, Overseeding, Flea & Tick, Mosquito, Nutsedge, Insect Control, Fungicide, Other

Your 6 Plan Applications

Round 1 (Early Spring)

Slow Release Fertilizer with Pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other varieties of grassy weeds.

Purpose: To control weeds before they can take root and overtake grasses in early spring. Kickstart early post-hibernation lawn growth. Broadleaf control as needed.

Round 2 (Spring)

Nutrition for grass and weed control.

Purpose: Continued nutritional support for continued lawn growth and broadleaf control where needed.

Round 3 (Summer)

Slow release Fertilizer plus broadleaf control

Purpose: Sustained growth with increased disease resistance during hot summer months.

Round 4 (Summer)

Application of grub control product

Purpose: Grub control to prevent damage to lawn root system.

Round 5 (Late Summer & Early Fall)

Winter Prep Fertilizer plus broadleaf control

Purpose: Feeding the grass a little heavier to make sure it is prepared for the rough Midwest winter ahead.  Broadleaf control as needed.

Round 6 (Winterizer)

Heavy fall feeding to prepare for hibernation

Purpose: Nutritional boost to support a healthy lawn through the harsh Midwest winter. Increases carbohydrate storage in your plants.

Customers using The Pure Lawn Plan who need a service call for difficult-to-control broad-leaf weeds or new growth of broad-leaf weeds will receive re-treatment within 1 business day*, weather permitting. If we are unable to treat your lawn within this time period, you will receive $50 off your next treatment.

*Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM only. The guarantee applies only to customers in our Pure Lawn Plan.

We care deeply about our customers and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We promise 100% guaranteed services for your home or business on our services. Our Pure Promise is backed by an unlimited retreatment guaranty.*

*If you are not totally satisfied with your treatment, we will come back out and re-assess your property. If necessary, we will re-treat at no additional charge. Ask your technician for more information.

St. Louis Lawn Care from a
St. Louis Company

Your long search is finally over! 

Your lawn is nature’s welcome mat to your home. It greets you, your friends and family to your home. That’s an important job. That’s why the professionals at Pure Lawn give your lawn care the time and attention you and your family deserve.

Get a lawn you love from a lawn care service that does not treat you like simply another check to cash. We are here to clean up the mess left by the lawn care behemoths who have let you down in the past.

At Pure Lawn, we hate the way huge corporate conglomerates treat St. Louis homeowners. One-size-fits-all solutions, no communication, and worst of all, terrible results. That’s why over 40 years ago, we set out to change the way lawn care is done in our community. The Pure Lawn process always includes a customized strategy to cultivate a hearty turf.

Family-Owned Turf Care Partner

Pure Lawn clients get more than applications of lawn care products. They get an expert in St. Louis’ specific grasses, soils, lawn diseases, pests, and more. We aim to educate our clients first and foremost in how they can keep their lawn healthy for the longest amount of time. From watering schedules to fertilizer applications, we believe in a comprehensive approach to lawn care that pairs our know-how with your work ethic.

Pure Lawn's service area displayed on map

Our Service Area

We serve the following counties:

Franklin County, MO
Jefferson County, MO
Lincoln County, MO
Saint Charles County, MO
Saint Louis County, MO
Warren County, MO

The Second Mile Difference

Pure Lawn is a proud part of Second Mile Service company, which was founded on the principle of going the extra mile for your neighbor, no matter what the circumstance or situation.

Our Pledge to Our Customers:

• We will be honest and act with integrity
• We will provide you high quality products and excellent service
• We will communicate and be responsive
• We will treat you with kindness and respect
• If we make a mistake, we will make it right

Family enjoying the outdoors with 2 dogs

Safe Lawn Solutions For Your Pets

Pure Lawn is a family-owned St. Louis lawn care company founded on the belief that they shouldn’t have to choose between a beautiful lawn and a place where their golden retriever, Sammy, could play without concern about him being harmed from the product being applied.

Our products are safe for your family – even the 4-legged members!

Commitment to Community

At Pure Lawn, we are committed to promoting the health of our clients and their families and our community as a whole. We take a targeted approach to our treatments, using thoughtful application of specific products that produce lush lawns that resist pests, weeds and diseases. We care for your environment because, as St. Louis residents, it’s our environment too.

Love Your Lawn Again

Our lawn care solutions are precisely engineered to meet the needs of St. Louis lawns. We do not focus on upsells or gimmick technologies. We simply put our clients in the best position to succeed during the growing season and have the healthiest lawns on the block.

The heat and humidity of the local environment will play a big role in your lawn’s health, but our experts will keep an eye out for issues and provide you a plan of attack before you even know you need one.

Mother and baby on a lawn
A hand feeling the top of grass on a lawn

Lawn Fertilization for Every Season

Pure Lawn’s slow-release fertilizers release vital nutrients as you (or nature) water your lawn, providing a steady flow of sustenance in between applications. Whether you have warm-season or cool-season grass, it will need more minerals than the local environment will provide. 

Our high-tech, slow-release, poly-coated fertilizers are safe for people and pets. They put your turf on the right footing to take advantage of proper irrigation and strengthen throughout the year to withstand the harsh conditions in the St. Louis region.

Control Lawn Diseases Before They Spread

The humid, scorching St. Louis climate wreaks havoc on wide varieties of grass. This is when lawn diseases strike. From brown patch disease to dollar spot to red thread, lawn conditions must be handled before they damage more of your turf.

Pure Lawn’s granular fungicides work deep, permeating the soil during your regular watering cycles and injecting itself into the root systems of your lawn. We aim to halt growth and build the health of your lawn back up to prevent future infections.

A lawn that is browning because of disease
An illustration of grub worms living inside a lawn

Take Your Lawn Back from Insects

Worms and insects play vital roles in healthy lawns. But not all insects and worms peacefully cohabitate with your turf. If the wrong critters move in, you could be looking at brown or bare patches in a matter of weeks. 

Grub worms and pests like chinch bugs should be ruthlessly eliminated wherever they are found. Our grub worm control applications prevent infestations before they start, and lawns are safe for people and pets after our pest control applications.

Soil Testing Ensures the Right Plan of Attack

If you have a troublesome lawn that no lawn care company has been able to control, you probably need a soil test. Through scientific analysis by our partners at the University of Missouri Agriculture and Environment Extension, Pure Pest technicians can get to the bottom of what is troubling your lawn and recommend the right steps to ensure its long-lasting health.

A healthy green field of grass
Feet next to a notebook on green grass

Lawn Aeration is Key to Turf Health

Lawn aeration (or core aeration) is a crucial part of your lawn’s long-term health. By pulling soil cores, we open the lawn up for to allow more penetration of oxygen, water, and vital nutrients. Lawn aeration also relieves soil compaction, which can harm your grass’ root system.

Aeration can also be used to provide new seeds better places to grow. If you have a bare lawn, core aeration can be part of bringing it back to life.

Control & Contain Weeds

Is your lawn rife with crabgrass? Do you hate the dandelions dotting your landscape? Could you rip up all the clovers blanketing your turf with your bare hands? 

End the frustration now by calling Pure Lawn. Our weed control products and techniques will help you control weeds, from broadleafs to sedges. We can even use pre-emergent products to prevent grassy weeds before they gain a foothold.

A lawn overgrown with weeds
Grass shoots sticking up out of the soil

Revitalize Your Lawn Through Overseeding

Introducing new, lush varieties of grasses to your lawn maintains the thickness and strength of your turf. The result is not only more vibrant and heartier, it also crowds out weeds by giving them no place to gain a foothold.

Control the Mole Menace

Have you found mole paths poking out of your lawn? It comes with the territory. Moles feed mostly on earthworms, which are a natural part of a healthy lawn ecosystem. Unfortunately, these rodents can cause a lot of damage while they’re dining in your yard.

A homeowner would have to get very lucky to control moles through DIY methods. You need the right tools and a lot of them. Let the experts handle the dirty work and trap the moles for you.

Mole hills pocking a lawn