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St. Louis you’ve survived the winter! Now it’s time for some simple spring lawn care. How about we make this year the year you actually get to enjoy your yard. The year you ditch worry and embarrassment for confidence and pride because your yard looks great! 

Let’s break down early spring lawn care into bite size pieces.  

1. Mow

Before you rev up the mower there are a few things to do: 

  • Sharpen the mower blade. For healthy turf you must cut the grass and not rip it. Check the blade a few times in the summer as well.  
  • Check the mower’s air filter  
  • Replace the spark plug. 

Knowing how much grass to cut is imperative in having a healthy lawn. The University of Missouri Extension recommends, “mow it tall and let the clippings fall.” They recommend the mower blade is 3-4 inches above ground level and that you do not bag clippings. Letting them return to the ground adds vital nutrients. Brad Fresenburg, a former turf grass expert for the state of Missouri said grass cut to that height can deter about 80% of turf grass weeds. Here’s a great video to demonstate what we mean. Next let’s look at the soil. 

2. Aerate 

Next, get your soil ready to receive nutrients. We recommend aeration as it reduces soil compaction, increases air exchange and allows water to infiltrate the soil which in turn makes for a healthier root system for your grass. The University of Missouri has some wonderful resources if you’d like to learn more.  

You can rent aeration equipment at local rental stores or garden centers. You want to find a machine that pulls a ½” diameter plug three to four inches deep on three-to-four-inch centers. Machines with hollow tines into the soil are better than pull-type drums with spoon tines. And, if you don’t have time or the desire to aerateyourself, we’d be delighted to come help.  

3. Control weeds and crabgrass 

The best way to control weeds is to have a healthy lawn. Weeds are opportunists and if there’s bare ground, they’ll find a way to grow. The best-case scenario is to apply a pre-emergent before weeds rare their ugly heads. If not, you may spend a lot of the season playing catch-up. In our area the best time to apply pre-emergent is before mid-April or before there are five consecutive days with temperatures at 70 or above. Next up for spring lawn care, watering. 

4. Water

Lawns don’t require much watering the spring.  As a matter of fact, frequent light watering increases the chances of shallow-rooted weeds taking hold.  

Lawn care is a partnership. Mowing and watering get your yard two-thirds of the way to lush and green. Pure Lawn can get you the rest of the way with strategic, well-timed treatments nourishing your lawn and preventing weeds. We know it’s hard to enjoy a lawn full of weeds and dead spots, Pure Lawn has simple, safe solutions to create a lawn your family can enjoy and be proud of.  

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