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Why Choose Pure Lawn for Lawn Repair and Overseeding?

When you partner with Pure Lawn, you partner with the best lawn care team in the St. Louis metro area. We have honed our lawn repair and overseeding techniques over decades dealing with turf in St. Louis and the problems that come with the climate. Clients have trusted us for over 40 years to provide tailored lawn repair solutions at just the right time.

The St. Louis area is our community, so we are dedicated to making it look its best. We treat our neighbors’ lawns as if they were our own. Expect thorough communication throughout the process, from what seed varieties we plan to use to how you can properly care for your newest seeds to potential problems we found.

Overseeding is a critical part of your lawn’s overall health and can help you enjoy your healthy lawn for longer. You need a partner who knows how to do it correctly.

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How Do I Know I Need Lawn Repair or Overseeding?

Overseeding plays a major role in keeping any lawn healthy. Your lawn care service plan should account for an overseeding in late summer or early fall, when the weather conditions are optimal for germination. Fall overseeding will help the grass establish new roots before the winter, putting it in prime position to flourish in the spring. 

Even if you have taken great care of your lawn all year, with the right watering, fertilizing and maintenance, your lawn will not thrive if it does not have an overseeding.

If your grass is thinning despite your best efforts, you should consider contacting us for an overseeding. If you have an old lawn that has seen better days and is in need of repair, an overseeding can help. If you recently had a lawn recover from weed or insect infestations or a lawn disease, overseeding will aid its recovery.

Avoid National Companies’ Overseeding Services

National companies do not understand St. Louis turf the way locals do. These firms and their franchises all operate on the same, standardized set of services no matter what location they serve.

Big franchises do not rely on know-how or a commitment to customer service, but rather they focus almost completely on the bottom line. “How can we squeeze more treatments and visits out of our customers that we can charge them for?”

With Pure Lawn, you get a partner who you know is looking out for you. When we overseed, we are not just adding more seeds to your lawn. We are checking for signs of insect damage and diseases, looking for opportunities to get you better results, and finding ways to deliver the best experience possible. We make sure your lawn is in tip top shape!

Communication is a Core Value

Never wonder again what your lawn care technician did that day or how you should care for your lawn now that it has new seeds trying to take root. We spell everything you need to know out for you in detailed instructions left after every job. From watering schedules to mowing, we have you covered. 

Moreover, your work was not done by a landscaper looking to cross a job off his to-do list as quickly as possible to make a quota from a national franchise. Your lawn got a close look from a lawn care service expert trained in finding problems and recommending solutions before they grow.

Our clients are never left wondering, and we are always available to address their concerns. We are an easy phone call or email away.

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Love Your Lawn Again!

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Slitseeding Service Offers a More Powerful Solution

When conventional solutions like core aeration and overseeding have not worked, we may need to bring in the big guns. Our slitseeding machines can drill deeper into your turf and plant new seeds directly into the soil, instead of overtop like normal overseeding.

Slit seeding is used frequently in St. Louis in a few common scenarios:

  • Crabgrass has choked out all your grass. You need to give your new grass varieties a better foothold against crabgrass, in addition to pre-emergent treatments.
  • Severe brown patch infestation has killed large swaths of the turf. After lawn disease treatment, you will need a lot of seed to establish a new lawn.
  • You have a large, undeveloped area of lawn. Slitseeding is the best option for mass planting where none exists now.

Overseeding Thickens a Lawn’s Appearance

It’s hard to feel that pride of ownership that every homeowner wants when they look at their lawn and it’s irregular and uneven. No one’s neighbors compliment a lawn that looks sickly and dead. 

Overseeding can help to thicken a thin or patchy lawn, resulting in a lush, healthy appearance. New seed varieties are more likely to grow in strong than your older varieties that have used that same soil for years. When it comes to appearance, “out with the old and in with the new” is the key. 

After overseeding and regular watering and maintenance, you can expect your lawn to look stronger and healthier and be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Overseeding Improves Drought Tolerance

Overseeding can help to improve the drought tolerance of a lawn, making it more resilient during dry periods. It boosts root growth, which means the lawn retains moisture much more efficiently for longer periods. 

Overseeding also creates much denser grass, which gives the soil a canopy that protects it from the sun. This leads to less evaporation, so the soil retains moisture better.

Water penetrates deeper into the soil after overseeding because more grass roots means less compaction underneath the ground. With less compaction, water penetrates deeper.

Introducing new drought-resistant varieties means that your new grass will withstand drought conditions better than your old turf.

Love Your Lawn Again!

Overseeding Reduces Weed Growth

Overseeding can help to reduce weed growth by crowding out weeds with desirable grasses. When you work with experts like Pure Lawn, you get expertise in St. Louis conditions. We evaluate your growing conditions and pick an appropriate grass species to introduce into the ecosystem of your lawn. 

These stronger varieties are better able to compete for soil nutrients and keep weeds from finding the food they need to grow. This creates a virtuous cycle where your new grass is the only thing to grow on the lawn, creating a canopy over the coil that reduces sunlight and nutrients that make it to the soil, making it hard for weeds to fill in the gaps.

This crowding out of weeds creates healthier soil that is better able to fight off weed seeds.

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Overseeding Boosts Disease Tolerance

With experts in St. Louis lawn conditions on your side, you can select species of grass that resist the disease we know your lawn may need to fight off. Each season presents a new set of strains that need to be accounted for by experts that care when you’re selecting your seeds for overseeding. 

Another way overseeding helps your lawn fight off diseases is by boosting the grass canopy. Moisture is a great place for diseases to grow. With a thicker canopy, the amount of moisture that impacts each blade is reduced, which lowers the ability of diseases to spread.

Newer, heartier seeds are simply healthier and more able to fight off lawn diseases. The stronger soil environment also reduces the ability of diseases to spread across your turf.

Overseeding Improves Soil Structure

With newer, stronger seeds, the soil itself gets healthier. Seeds that are better able to grow roots means that your ground becomes less compact, which increases its water-holding capacity. That makes your watering more efficient and creates and environment where you have fewer swings between saturation and dryness, which is awful for your turf’s health.

A stronger root system means better aggregation of soil components. More critical matter clumps around the roots, bringing them nutrients more efficiently and protecting them from decomposition. 

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Love Your Lawn Again!