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Why Choose Pure Lawn Fertilization

When you picture spending time in your yard, you probably imagine yourself enjoying a lush and healthy outdoor oasis with your friends and loved ones. But, like many fantasies, this one takes more work to accomplish than you might imagine! If you’ve struggled to get your lawn to look as fresh and vibrant in real life as it does in your imagination, you’re not alone. And the problem might not be something you can solve with more watering or reseeding. You may need lawn fertilization.

Not to worry though, Pure Lawn is here to help! With 40+ years of experience cultivating lawns in St. Louis, we know all about the hidden hazards that keep lawns unhealthy and can create a custom lawn fertilization strategy for you based on the particular issues that are keeping your yard from looking like the healthy and thriving one you imagine.  

Now in our fifth decade of business, we continue to provide our St. Louis neighbors with the same quality fertilization service we always have. 

A green backyard with landscaping along the fence
A lawn struggling from poor fertilization

Don’t Let Your Lawn Suffer from Poor Fertilization

One sign that your lawn may have some health issues that are invisible to the untrained eye are persistent brown patches. Many of our customers come to us because they just can’t get rid of these ugly spots. Despite all the effort they put into maintenance and improvements, those patches just won’t go away. 

Why? Because no amount of watering or mowing can get to the root of the problem when the problem is below the root. Healthy lawns start with healthy soil and the right lawn nutrient management plan.

At Pure Lawn, our experts know all about picking the best fertilizer for your lawn, taking into account the time of year, your exact geographic location, the species of grass and other plants you want. Every one of our lawn care packages includes a free soil test, which will inform the strategy we build for you. 

As a locally owned and operated business, all our clients are also our neighbors. Unlike some competitors, we specialize in issues specific to the St. Louis region: We know the climate, common health issues, and the fertilization techniques that work best here. Moreover, we care about consistency. To ensure our customers are happy, we plan ahead, adjusting our methods seasonally to keep your lawn healthy as conditions change. 

We Offer Full Transparency and Communication

At Pure Lawn, communication is a key value and integral to how we run our business. Accordingly, we are sure to keep you apprised of what we’re doing, any areas of concern or recommended next steps, and of course, we provide you with thorough instructions on how to best care for your lawn each time we make a change.

As a Pure Lawn customer, you’ll never worry about accidentally doing the wrong thing: our experts will provide you with instructions on the best methods and schedule for watering, mowing, trimming, and weeding— anything and everything we think you need to know to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your lawn service. 

Moreover, we all know that when it comes to Mother Nature, things are constantly changing. We pride ourselves on training our technicians to be proactive and comprehensive when they work with customers and we will always advise on how to solve the problem you’re having today and what steps you can take to avoid additional problems tomorrow. 

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Love Your Lawn Again!

A healthy recently mowed lawn

What a Healthy Lawn Looks Like

When you think about a healthy lawn, you probably imagine it’s very green. Many people associate greener lawns with healthier lawns, but that’s not always the case. 

If you want to make your lawn as green as possible, you can overload your fertilizer with nitrogen. Your lawn will be very green, but it will also be more vulnerable to side effects of over-fertilization such as diseases. 

As part of our commitment to keeping our customers as informed as possible, we want to share some expert information on evaluating lawn health.  

Our lawn experts think of lawn health as something that’s measured over the course of a year (or more) rather than a snapshot of one moment in time. So instead of thinking “greener is better” we’re looking at color consistency as a major indicator of health. As changes in seasons bring changes in conditions, consistent color indicates that your lawn is adapting appropriately. 

We know from experience that in the summer, the St. Louis heat can be really destabilizing, even to a relatively healthy lawn. Accordingly, our experts evaluate a range of fertilization tools and techniques for each lawn in our care. As the temperature starts to climb, your Pure Lawn team will provide you with options customized to your lawn’s unique needs, and make recommendations based on our decades of experience navigating our tricky climate.  

Enjoying Your Pure Lawn

As St. Louis locals, the Pure lawn team knows how magical it can be to spend time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the trees and flowers that flourish in our area. Time outside with our friends and neighbors is something to cherish, so we work hard to ensure that each of our customers has a lawn they can enjoy for as much of each year as possible. We also appreciate the importance of a lawn that is healthy enough to flourish year after year, even after a season of unusually inhospitable weather. 

With 40+ years in business, we’ve racked up a LOT of experience preparing lawns for seasonal changes and keeping them vibrant and lush through consistent fertilization, despite the challenges that Mother Nature throws our way. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge drawn from years of experience and love to apply it to helping each customer get a beautiful lawn they can enjoy as much as possible for as long as possible! 

A dog laying on a lawn
A lawn failing because of poor fertilization

Avoiding Lawn Failures

We’ve all seen lawns that look like they need a little love: The grass is uneven, there are areas of discoloration, or maybe patches of brown or dried out grass scattered throughout. 

Sometimes these issues arise from neglect, but they can also be caused by soil that’s lacking the right minerals to help the lawn thrive. Whether you’re already struggling to manage these blemishes or you’re looking to protect your lawn from issues down the line, our team can help you address your lawn’s nutrient management with a customized plan.

We’ll provide you with a free soil test, which will help us understand what your lawn is lacking and what the biggest fertilization risks to its long term health are. Using the wrong fertilizer— adding the wrong combination of minerals to your soil— could actually cause more damage, despite your best intentions. Our experts will offer you fertilizer options designed for your lawn’s specific needs, and will help you remedy and avoid any of these frustrating and unsightly issues.

Love Your Lawn Again!

Lawn Fertilization Provides Essential Nutrients

When you work with Pure Lawn, you can rest assured that your lawn is being treated with the best fertilizer solution for your lawn’s specific needs WITHOUT compromising on health and safety. Every fertilizer we use is safe for humans and pets. They are designed to add missing minerals and nutrients to the soil in your yard, maximizing plant health without hurting anything else.

The best fertilizer for your lawn depends on what’s in the soil. That’s why we start with a free soil test! The results guide our next steps: We’ll identify what nutrients your lawn needs more of, and choose the right fertilizer to provide those nutrients.

The specific minerals and nutrients that your lawn needs can vary depending on your exact location, the time of year, and what type of grass and other plants you’re growing. That’s why our experts are trained to think ahead, and use the right fertilizer at the right time to supplement what your soil is missing.

The result is that your lawn will always be getting the minerals and nutrients that are essential for healthy growth.  

A nice house with a healthy lawn
Flowers growing in a garden

Lawn Fertilization Promotes Thick Growth

When you add the right fertilizer to your soil, you create the conditions required to help your lawn flourish. As your grass becomes healthier, it will become thicker.

As the grass becomes thicker, it will look more vibrant and lush, adding to its beauty. Additionally, when grass is strong and healthy, it becomes harder for weeds to take over — the grass chokes them out.

You may be surprised to learn that the right fertilizer can also decrease the damaging impact of pests, even without insecticides! The healthier grass is, the thicker it grows, and thicker grass is less susceptible to damage from pests. Thicker grass is also more resistant to diseases. 

It’s not uncommon for lawns to have thicker coverage in some areas than others. This can be a frustrating problem, but don’t worry: our experts will make sure that your whole lawn is getting the right nutrients it needs to thrive, so your grass will be thick and healthy throughout. 

Lawn Fertilization Improves Color

While greener isn’t always better, we know nobody wants an unsightly lawn full of brown spots. We have fertilization techniques that will solve your polkadot problems and ensure that your whole lawn is healthy. 

If you have areas of your lawn that just don’t seem to match the rest of it, we can get to the bottom of the problem by testing to see if the mineral makeup of your lawn is inconsistent, and provide the right fertilizer to cultivate a yard that is healthy throughout. 

When our technicians perform the free soil test that comes with every Pure Lawn package, they’ll get a comprehensive picture of your lawn’s mineral makeup. They’ll be able to make a recommendation for the right fertilizer to make your lawn healthier today, and anticipate seasonal vulnerabilities that might cause problems tomorrow. The result is that your lawn will become healthier and stay healthier for longer, which will lead to a lawn that is carefully cultivated to become and to remain healthy and vibrant and colorful. 

A dark green lawn
A healthy lawn with several flower beds.

Lawn Fertilization Prepares for Stress and Future Growth

You might have heard the expression that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is true for lawns as well as people. Over the 40+ years we’ve been in business, our team has learned how to best prepare each of the lawns in our care to withstand both standard seasonal weather changes, as well as more unusual and potentially harmful weather events like droughts or torrents. 

Our technicians will use the right fertilizer for your lawn that will help make it healthier today, and that will provide the right nutrient makeup to ensure your lawn gets what it needs to stay healthy in times of environmental stress. 

Our fertilizers also make it easier for new growth to flourish. So whether you’re hoping to see your existing plants grow and thrive or looking to seed new areas of your yard, call Pure Lawn today and make sure your lawn has what it needs to stay healthy and thriving. 

Love Your Lawn Again!