The Pure Lawn Plan

Be Proud of Your Pure Lawn

The Pure Lawn Plan

Included treatments: 
  • Fertilizer
  • Grub control
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • 10% off aeration and overseeding
  • 6 applications

Optional treatments:
Aeration, Overseeding, Flea & Tick, Mosquito, Nutsedge, Insect Control, Fungicide, Other

Your 6 Plan Applications

Round 1 (Early Spring)

Slow Release Fertilizer with Pre Emergent and weed control.  

Purpose: To control weeds before they can take root and over take grasses in early spring. kickstart early post-hibernation lawn growth. Broadleaf control as needed.

Round 2 (Spring)

Nutrition for grass and weed control.

Purpose: Continued nutritional support for continued lawn growth and broadleaf control where needed.

Round 3 (Summer)

Fertilizer with mineral supplementation plus broadleaf control

Purpose: Sustained growth with increased disease resistance during hot summer months.

Round 4 (Summer)

Slow release Fertilizer with grub control

Purpose: Grub control to prevent damage to lawn root system.

Round 5 (Early Fall)

Winter Prep Fertilizer plus broadleaf control
Purpose: Feeding the grass a little heavier to make sure it is prepared for the rough Midwest winter ahead.  Broadleaf control as needed.

Round 6 (Fall)

Heavy fall feeding to prepare for hibernation
Purpose: Nutritional boost to support a healthy lawn through the harsh Midwest winter.

Love Your Lawn Again!