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Why Choose Pure Lawn Aeration

With over 40 years of lawn care experience specific to St. Louis, Pure Lawn is ready to help with any of your lawn care needs. We offer our customers customized lawn care strategies, such as our lawn aeration service, that are proven to provide top-notch results.

Lawn aeration involves poking holes into the ground and extracting plugs of soil. This prevents the soil from becoming too compact. Grass and other plants need access to water and nutrients to survive; making the soil less compact increases the flow of these valuable resources so that plants can thrive.

We pride ourselves on providing the St. Louis community with real lawn care solutions that succeed. Core aeration can benefit any yard, helping it flourish and become healthier than ever. Our plant health specialists are ready to revamp your yard with a customized program today.

An illustration of how aeration improves grass health
A lawn that is not growing well

Do I Need Lawn Aeration?

If you’re wondering if lawn aeration is right for your yard, then we are ready to help. 

First and foremost, if your soil is hard to the touch, then it is most likely time for lawn aeration. Or, if your lawn feels spongy and tends to dry out easily, this is another situation where you need core aeration. 

The quality of the grass can also indicate whether or not your property needs lawn aeration. If the grass is thinning, withering, or losing its vibrant green color, then these are all signals that it could benefit from lawn aeration.

Additionally, how your lawn reacts to rainstorms can tell a lot about its need for lawn aeration. After a few hours of rain, if water forms puddles on your lawn, then lawn aeration could help it be better absorbed by the soil and reach plants’ roots.

Expect Full Communication

Once your yard’s lawn aeration project has been completed, our team will continue providing easy and accessible communication. When keeping your lawn in an ideal condition, you can always rely on Pure Lawn for advice and assistance.

The Pure Lawn team does not just abandon you once the job is done. We will give you specific instructions on how to care for your lawn, including how to water it, how to mow it, etc. Additionally, our team is always available for any questions you may have.

No matter where you are in your lawn aeration process, Pure Lawn is always on the lookout for problems and open to complete and constant communication. For example, if any diseases or harmful insects pop up, we will immediately evaluate and fix the problem. We will also be on the lookout for any other potential issues.

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An illustration of how aeration gets more water and oxygen in the soil

The Lawn Aeration Process

Lawn aeration can seem complicated, but Pure Lawn has decades of experience with the process in this specific region. We begin by using a specialized machine that pulls plugs out of the lawn.

These cores of soil are about an inch in diameter. They can become your lawn’s secret weapon, so they should not be raked up or removed from the property.

After the round of core aeration is completed, you will see many small holes and plugs spread across your round. The plugs will eventually re-absorb into the ground. 

This cycle continues numerous times over the life of your lawn to properly aerate and de-densify the ground. It is not a quick turnaround with fast results but rather a long-term solution that will continue to improve the health of your lawn when done repeatedly over time. 

Generally, it is recommended to complete lawn aeration at least once per year, or more frequently if the ground is especially compact.

Your Lawn’s Secret Weapon

When cores of the ground are pulled out, it may seem like the obvious next step to clean them up and get rid of them. However, this is not the case.

Always remember to keep the soil cores on your lawn rather than removing them from the property. They will eventually be re-absorbed into the soil naturally. 

Over time, this process of removing soil that is then re-absorbed into the ground will help your yard grow and become healthier. 

Nature knows how to recycle this soil and use it to benefit your yard, so it is best to let this happen on its own rather than remove a powerful resource.

A backyard that is well-landscaped
A man pushing a lawnmower

Core Aeration Relieves Soil Compaction

In a healthy yard, air, water, and beneficial organisms can travel throughout the soil. 

Unfortunately, whether you host barbecues, play soccer with your family, or just mow the grass, consistent use of your yard can cause soil to become compacted. Even things like precipitation and gravity can cause compaction, meaning there is no real way to prevent it.

Soil compaction causes the gaps and channels in the soil to disappear and takes away any space left in it for moisture, air, etc. Worms and other organisms cannot survive in these circumstances, so your soil and overall property can not thrive either.

Core aeration is an easy fix for this problem. When the cores of soil are pulled out, this makes holes, which the soil then relaxes into. This process relieves soil compaction by creating more space in the soil for water, air, and organisms to move around. Once the process is completed, the soil is less dense and compact.

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Lawn Aeration Improves Nutrient Availability and Uptake

Lawn aeration can also improve both the availability and uptake of nutrients in the soil. Once again, organisms like worms and bacteria need space, water, and other nutrients to survive. If the ground is too compact and they cannot survive, then the grass and other plants may not be able to either.

Worms consume dead leaves, roots, grass, and more. Their castings are incredibly rich in nutrients. These helpful organisms contribute to the nutrient cycle by transforming normal plant debris into a nutrient-rich substance that the soil can use to its benefit.

The uptake process can also be improved by lawn aeration when it comes to absorbing and taking in these nutrients.  Nutrients can not move through the soil if it is too compact, so decompressing it allows roots to access and incorporate them more easily.

Through lawn aeration, the soil can access more nutrients and take them in better than before.

A backyard with green grass and a wood fence
A cross section of grass growing in soil

Lawn Aeration Improves Root Development

Because roots are located at the soil level, the health of the ground has a huge impact on the roots. Roots need to take in oxygen for their respiration, so access to this air is essential. After lawn aeration, more air and water can enter the soil. Also, roots let out CO2, so the ability to release and get rid of this gas is very important to the plant’s health.

Lawn aeration also helps any plant roots absorb the nutrients they need from inside the soil, as organisms produce more nutrients and the roots can also access them more easily. These nutrients allow the roots, as well as the grass or other plants in general, to grow and thrive.

When soil is too compact and not aerated appropriately, roots cannot grow as well as otherwise. This affects the health of the plant, and the entire ecosystem.

Core Aeration Helps with Thatch Management

Many yards, especially those with bluegrass, which is always popular in St. Louis, experience thatch accumulation at some point. Thatch is a layer of dead plant parts such as leaves, sticks, and roots that intermingle and combine between the soil and the growing grass. 

Having a buildup of thatch, especially if it is more than half an inch deep, can make it more difficult for the ground and plant roots to take in water and fertilizers.

Core aeration combines thatch debris with the soil so that the ground can better absorb everything it needs to thrive. Additionally, because this process makes the soil looser and creates more pathways for air in the ground, it can stimulate the growth of helpful microbes and bacteria that aid in decomposing thatch.

Core aeration does not provide all the same benefits as the dethatching process, but it can improve a thatch problem while also offering many other advantages. 

A closeup of grass with thatch underneath
A girl doing a cartwheel on a lawn

If Core Aeration is Right for You, Call Pure Lawn!

Core aeration can be a somewhat difficult process to do correctly, so property owners should not attempt it on their own. When done well, lawn aeration has incomparable long-term results, so it is necessary to get experts involved if you want to truly succeed.

Pure Lawn’s plant and lawn care specialists have the tools and experience to get the job done well and continue the positive results as time goes on. Ready to get started? Call us today and we will get to work on making your yard better than ever.

Love Your Lawn Again!