healthy green grass lawn with a pure lawn price tag

When shopping for anything, including a lawn plan, it sure is nice to know the price. It’s probably the reason price tags exist. And when you see something without a price you might just assume it’s out of your price range or that it’s not worth the hassle to figure it out.  

When it comes to lawn care, you may have noticed it’s hard to nail down a price. Most local lawn care companies want to come to your home and give an estimate or a bid. Pure Lawn does that too. The reason, it costs less to treat a small lawn and more to treat a big lawn.  

This year, we’ve decided to make pricing simple, first we’ll just ask our customers if they know the size of their lawn, and if they’re not sure, we have the technology to figure it out or confirm the size. We noticed over 90% of our customers have a lawn that’s 10,000 sq ft or less. So, if that describes your lawn, the most you would pay is $480 for a year-round Pure Lawn Plan and of course you’ll pay less if your lawn isn’t quite that size. Take a look at our pricing infographic for prices on larger lawns.  

Whether you know the area of your yard or not, you know you want a healthy lawn that’s safe for people and pets and asking the price isn’t too much to ask.  

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