Pure Lawn FAQs

Questions About Our Lawn Services in the
St. Louis Area

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Only 6 applications a year are needed to create healthy lawns in the St. Louis region. Doing more than 6 is a cash-flow decision on the part of the corporations more focused on getting your money than providing great service.

The old rule of thumb of 1” a week applies, but it needs to be consistently, not just all in one day. 

The best height is minimum of 3 inches high for cool season grasses, sometimes even 4. 

Keep the blade sharp. If you aren’t sharpening it yourself, get 2 blades and send one off to be sharpened while you use the other. Change it once a month.

The best frequency is every 5 days to 2 weeks. Once a week is a minimum. If you’re not well-irrigated, you can go longer because your grass won’t grow as much.

Generally, every other day. If you have an irrigation system, it’s 30 to 40 minutes in each area. We may make adjustments for terrain variances. 

You’ll notice color changes in the weeds (they get yellow or red) or they’ll curl or swell within 7 days. It takes probably 21+ days for the weed to die and disappear. Some are more difficult than others to control. Wild violet usually takes more than just routine treatment. 

No, in fact it is beneficial. Watering releases the fertilizer.

We use a special additive that causes the broadleaf control products to withstand even the torrents of rain we sometimes get.

No. We can call first if you have a dog that we need to keep away.

Everything we do at Pure Lawn is safe for pets. We recommend people and pets stay off for one hour until the product is dry.

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